Hikma Health Application

January 1, 2022 By Marwan El Khatib

Blue Mission is now in collaboration with Hikma Health to implement an electronic health record system that works as mobile application to facilitate the work of our KARAMA MMU team.

The KARAMA MMU allows clinicians to provide care to rural and out-of-network areas targeting refugees and host community members in much need. This program serves the South of Lebanon residing refugees that are currently living in shelters and camps in areas far from hospitals and primary health care centers. The use of an electronic health records system will empower clinicians, patients, and the refugee community by improving health outcomes and reducing patient wait time. The program will host a training session. There are 10 healthcare providers who will attend a two-hour training on the software management system upon software completion.

Hikma Health partners with clinical organizations around the world providing free healthcare to thousands of refugees, migrants, and low-income patients. Hikma Health creates custom health data systems that are designed to improve patient outcomes. The software empowers patients, clinicians, and communities.

The Hikma Health system is an electronic health record (EHR) system that allows healthcare workers to collect and access vital patient information through a mobile application, when working within the clinic and when conducting patient home visits. The Hikma Health system works offline and syncs data securely to a cloud-based server when network connectivity is available. Clinics use the Hikma Health system in order to improve patient care, save clinicians time, improve organizational efficiency, and reduce the administrative burden and ecological waste of managing paper records.