Primary Health Care Services

+24,000 impoverished People receiving Primary Health Care services
+250 Reproductive health awareness sessions
+200 health, hygiene and vaccination awareness sessions
+10,000 Medication Distributed
+40 Settlements being regularly visited

Mental Health Services

+3000 Children receiving Psychosocial Support
+200 people receiving psychotherapy sessions
Ambassador of Peace psychoeducational program


+15,000 refugees were provided with basic education
Open Public Library inclusive for everyone in Saida
Education Center for basic and vocational education

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Who We Are

Blue Mission Organization is a community-based and independent Lebanese organization that promotes

and protects the rights of vulnerable populations.

Our approach to development is holistic and based on human rights, with a psycho-social focus as its cornerstone.
Through our programs, we have gained extensive experience on five core activities: primary health, mental health,
education, life skills programs, training and protection.

What We Do

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Latest Updates



There is no denying that freedom of speech and self-expression in Lebanon have been suppressed due to taboo and general principles of silence. The latest...


Karama ER: First Quarter  What is Karama? Karama is an emergency response project that provides medical and psychosocial assistance to the impoverished and vulnerable population...
Hikma Health Application

Hikma Health Application

Blue Mission is now in collaboration with Hikma Health to implement an electronic health record system that works as mobile application to facilitate the work...
Healthy Minds for All

Healthy Minds for All

Healthy Minds for ALL: A partnership of Blue Mission, AFD, and ACTED, Healthy Minds For ALL provides psychosocial support and mental health services to vulnerable...
Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Building Capacities of Municipal Council Members: In 2018, Blue Mission, in partnership with the Office of the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs (OMSWA) and...
Ambassadors of Peace

Ambassadors of Peace

Blue Mission’s flagship program was first implemented in 2002 and sought to combat and end the cycle of violence by equipping children and youth with...
Green-Up Saida

Green-Up Saida

In 2018, Blue Mission developed an environmental initiative in the Greater Saida area to promote eco-consciousness in the community and empower youth to create sustainable,...


Alleviate Distress and Provide Treatment (ADAPT): was a collaboration from 2016-2017 with Islamic Relief UK and Zaituna that served 1,200 Syrian, Palestinian and Lebanese children...
Health & Nutrition Program

Health & Nutrition Program

Health & Nutrition Program: Blue Mission partnered with UNICEF in 2016 to lead an awareness campaign on Infant, Young Child Feeding (IYCF) and the importance...

What People Say About Us




“As a volunteer at Blue Mission, I got to experience field work through conducting a needs assessment as well as capacity building through trainings on different soft skills. Blue Mission environment is very friendly. It is a well-knitted community that provides all the support you need.”

Psychology Intern








“As a psychology student, I appreciate the diversity of psychological treatments. BMO offers music therapy, psychosocial support, cognitive behavior and therapy sessions. It’s nice to see such services being executed.


International Volunteer







“I can confidently state that you will get as much out as you put in during your time there. Blue Mission is a home for those willing to open their hearts and share it to those willing to listen.”  

Our Location