Our Journey, Mission & Vision

Our Journey

Blue Mission has its origins in the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990) when its founder, an educational psychologist Sana El Bizri, sought to alleviate the widespread suffering through her work as country representative, coordinator and trainer with Terredes Hommes, MSF, and Enfants Réfugiés du Monde,  among other  international agencies. In 2002 she founded the cooperative Blue Mission/Training Center for  Community Development in Saida, South Lebanon. 


She adapted a Canadian peace and capacity building program “Ambassadors of Peace” to the Lebanese situation, thereby developing a grounded curriculum for positive change and conflict  transformation that has since been Blue Mission flagship program. It is premised on academic theories in the field of developmental psychology and psychosocial awareness. 


In 2008, Blue Mission gained official recognition as NGO. Since its foundation, Blue Mission has implemented numerous projects in collaboration with local, regional and international partners. Blue Mission has developed an excellent reputation as non political, non-sectarian movement that supports young and elderlies regardless of their social, ethnic, religious, national, gender, or any other background.

Our Mission

  • Protect children against violence and discrimination; offer psychosocial support and training in child rights and responsibilities;
  • Build the capacity of young people in the practice of citizenship, communication, participation and the ‘acceptance of other’;
  • Motivate and facilitate young people to participate in public debate and advocacy;
  • Work with parents, teachers, educational institutions, civil society organisations, municipalities and government departments to improve educational opportunities, raise awareness and promote active engagement by all stakeholders;
  • Improve networking and interactive skills to inform and empower members to be active decision makers;
  • Empower women to enhance their active participation in the household, in the workplace and in society as a whole;
  • Provide a community environment for access to knowledge and skills through educational and cultural activities.

Our Vision

  • Pilot “Out-of-School” and “After-School Learning”. Curricula adapted for children with learning difficulties;
  • Accessible “Primary Health Care” – via mobile clinics – to local and sheltered populations, particularly women and children;
  • Comprehensive “Psycho-social” Program in Lebanon & the MENA region;
  • Distinctive “Citizenship & Peace-Building” Program integrated in some universities & public libraries in Lebanon.

Our Mission

Blue Mission is dedicated to the promotion of a sustainable culture of peace. We believe that the key to this mission is the empowerment of individuals to become actors of positive change in their communities. Our mission is predicated on incorporating beneficiaries and community members into our projects to work with Blue Mission staff and volunteers. Achieving this goal also requires our engagement with underserved and marginal communities–both resident and refugee communities–in the following critical sectors: Health, Mental Health, Education, Capacity Building, Youth Empowerment, and Peacebuilding.

Protection Against Violence

Capacity Building

Safe Communities

Healthy Environment

Empower Women and Girls

Our Vision

Blue Mission believes that all human kind should be treated with dignity and respect, 

whatever the religious or socio-cultural background of our beneficiaries.

Education for All

Mental Health Support

Peaceful Tomorrow

Affordable Primary Healthcare