January 24, 2022 By Marwan El Khatib

Karama ER: First Quarter 

What is Karama?

Karama is an emergency response project that provides medical and psychosocial assistance to the impoverished and vulnerable population in the South and BML region. During our first quarter (beginning of January until the end of March), we provided thorough healthcare services alongside awareness sessions that emphasized vaccination, antibiotics resistance, hypertension and reproductive health. 

 In the course of three months, our staff has targeted and assisted a total of 5,919 individuals:

4,268 people have been accommodated with medical assistance; a package that includes monthly checkups, health evaluations, medicinal supplies as well as prescriptions. 742 women have been assisted with a midwife, whose role is to monitor and examine pregnant women, provide care requirements alongside awareness sessions about the women’s reproductive wellbeing. 

29 active assorted therapy sessions are also taking place because of Karama. These sessions include creative music therapy, group therapy, and individual therapy sessions. Our psychosocial support unit has assisted a definite number of 880 individuals during the past three months, which is the last remainder of our current aided population. Psychosocial support includes extensive psychotherapy that deals with an abundance of issues that include, but are not limited to, critical adversities, social infrastructure, traumatic disorders and psychosis.

There is no denying that the majority of the aided population falls under the medical assistance category. However, that does not diminish or undervalue the other services Karama offers. Lebanon has been submerging into an ocean of disorderly chaos and crises; the vulnerable population has been taking the hit ever since. Karama ER staff will stay committed regardless, and will continue to assist the poverty-stricken with all necessary services.