Since 2002, Ambassadors of Peace has been Blue Mission´s central programme under whose values and methodology all of our other programs fall.


  • Ambassadors of Peace: The programme prepared children and youth to become responsible citizens in all aspects of their lives, to become self-aware of their actions and interactions with others and to develop life skills. It also helped form their understanding of their role in protecting human rights both locally and internationally. By working in parallel with teachers, parents, and engaging different layers of society this programme aimed at changing the worldview of individuals and communities. Violence is seen as a decision not a reaction. Participants were encouraged and learnt to recognize the source of their anger and to understand their emotion. Using art, theatre, music, and community development as a vehicle for positive self-expression, the youth build self-esteem and self-confidence. Although Blue Mission does not work with the entire programme today, the concept is still currently widely being implemented in schools across Lebanon and its values are fundamental in other actions.
  •  Ambassadors of Peace Summer Camps: Over 500 children from the Greater Saida area participated in sessions held at the Blue Mission center, the Saida Public Library, some participating schools and public spaces around Saida between 2002 to 2008. Youth volunteers participated in sixty hours of intensive training to act as ambassadors of the programme.
  • From Village to Village (from 2012, 3 years): From 2012 to 2015, the individuals certified as  Ambassador’s of Peace, continued educating and spreading the important message of non-violent conflict solving from one village to the next. Each of these projects established three youth clubs led by peer leaders who received specialized trainings in project management and leadership. In addition to working with psychosocial trainers in theater, music, dabkeh, and computer technology.

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