Thousands of refugees and vulnerable Lebanese are still at risk from preventable and treatable diseases as they do not receive adequate medical care. As part of our primary health care our work includes:


  • Mobile Medical Unit: More than 11,000 people in over 36 settlements benefited from primary health care and awareness sessions on topics such as hygiene and reproductive health. It was through our partnership with Islamic Relief UK and IDEALS UK that we successfully ¬†established a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) serving marginalized Syrians, Palestinians and Lebanese.
  • Health & Nutrition Programme: In total the programme provided 11,000 beneficiaries with Infant, Young Child Feeding (IYCF) and breastfeeding awareness sessions. Additionally, 14,000 beneficiaries were given health and educational sessions on nutrition. This was achieved through a collaboration with UNICEF.
  • Hygiene Promotion: Blue Mission implemented an emergency hygiene promotion and water trucking programme for 45 informal tented settlements (771 tents, 5110 individuals) to mitigate the Hepatitis A outbreak that took place in 2014.

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