Education is a human right, but thousands of children are denied the opportunity to learn.  Without access to education, they are fated for a life of marginalization and exclusion.


  • Out of School Programs: Blue Mission has provided support in schools through after-school and out-of-school programs, homework support and training for children and youth.
  • Educational Support: After the Syrian crisis, Blue Mission has provided educational support to more than 15,000 refugee children and youth in both formal and informal settings. This has been one in areas highly affected by the crisis including the Bekaa Valley, Tripoli, Akkar, and South Lebanon,
  • Informal Academic Education: From 2014 until 2015 Blue Mission ran informal schools for Syrian refugees at each of its centres (Municipality Library and TCCD) for young children and for adolescents. This was funded by the Norwegian Refugee Council over one school year.  All children reached the standard to allow them to enter mainstream state and private schools.
  • Emergency Education: The Iraqi Community Centre in Great Beirut provided emergency education programs focusing on catch-up classes, sports, arts and recreational activities for refugee children/youth.
  • Saida Public Library: With the support of the Mayor and City Council of Saida, the programme entailed cataloguing and shelving the existing and newly donated collection, hosting cultural and community events, creating a children’s programme, activating the electronic catalogue, providing internet access, and training volunteers. This was supported by the Emirates
  • Saida Youth Library: In addition to providing a library where youth can come to study and socialize, it hosts several clubs including music, dabkeh, cinema, and theatre. Trainings in graphic design and computer skills are also held in Blue Mission’s computer centre. It brings together youth from all parts of Saida including Ein El‑Helweh Palestinian refugee camp to work, study, and exchange ideas and experiences. This project is implemented in collaboration with the Saida Public Library.

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