Capacity Building

September 25, 2018 By Saden Al Ashkar
  • Building Capacities of Municipal Council Members: In 2018, Blue Mission, in partnership with the Office of the Minister of State for Women’s Affairs (OMSWA) and UNIFIL, established a capacity building program on gender and good governance, a project that was rooted in the belief that human development necessitates the empowerment of women. Municipal officials from the Tyre District (Abbassiyah, Deir Qanoun en-Nahr, Maarakeh, el-Naffakhieh, Tayr Debba and Zalloutieh) and the Bint Jbeil District (Hanin) received training on gender and development, good governance (accountability, transparency, rule of law), inclusive governance, and municipal law.
  • Capacity Building for Partner Organizations: Blue Mission has provided training on mental health treatment strategies to partner NGOs that have worked with Blue Mission in implementing psychosocial support projects throughout Lebanon. Partners include ADN which works in Tripoli and Zaituna which provides services in the Ein El‑Hilweh refugee camp.

  • Professional Development for Educators: In 2009, Blue Mission partnered with UNRWA to offer training to teachers and school administrators on how to nurture a supportive, inclusive, and caring learning environment for children.