Your donation can make a big difference. Any financial contribution, large or small, when added together, can make a positive change to our fellow human lives. The size of the Syrian crisis and its consequences requires multiple partnerships, collaborative efforts and active participation of both private sector and civil society to ensure viability for as long as demanded.

To contribute a monetary donation, please inform us about your bank transfer by emailing us at Please send us your contact information (name, phone, and address), the amount deposited, and the date of your donation. We will then send you the receipt of your donation.

Although Blue Mission Organization is providing extensive support to its beneficiaries, we continuously observe the need for the following priority items:

Detergents (all kinds)
Canned food, biscuits, instant soup
Medicine and pharmaceutical products
Winter clothes
A4 paper, notebooks, school bags, pens, and pencils, and any other school items
Diapers, baby furniture,
Blankets, sleeping bags
Books, toys, chocolates, children gifts