Blue Mission Organization was first initiated in 2002 as a “Training Centre for Community Development, (TCCD)”, associated with the psycho-social intervention program, Ambassadors of Peace. This programme was enriched with the background experience of Blue Mission´s President in 1985, which coordinated diverse social, educational, health coaching and developmental projects in a number of international humanitarian organizations. At that time, Lebanon lacked the infrastructures, programmes and human capacity to deal with its traumas. Therefore from its inception, Blue Mission has been a community development organization dedicated to establishing a sustainable culture of peace, as an answer to the waves of violence that rocked Lebanon during the Civil War and the grievous personal losses suffered by the entire population.

Besides the projects regarding health, mental health, education, life skills training and protection, Blue Mission implements emergency relief assistance. We are also part of a wide network of NGO’s in Lebanon and international organizations such as United Nations or the Norwegian Refugee Council and collaborate with national and international organizations and a network of international advisers in countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, France and Spain.

Today, Blue Mission Organization counts on a large multi-disciplinary volunteer base (often former Ambassadors of Peace trainees) and its projects have set strong impact in countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Jordan.

Blue Mission Organization is based in Saida, Lebanon.